Lem Andrews used to feel like he was on top of Pacific Point University's social pyramid. Now he's scraping himself up off the bottom after two bad breakups leave him struggling.

Lem thinks getting a girlfriend will be the answer to his problems, and there are plenty to choose from. There's the flirtatious Mercedes with her abusive boyfriend. The fun-loving Safrina with her long–distance boyfriend. The unobtainable Monica with her no–boyfriend policy. And then there's Mary, with her unrequited infatuation for Lem. They're all around him; he just doesn't know how to connect.

For that matter, Lem is learning the hard way how little sympathy his friends have for any sign of weakness. Once the center of his social circle, Lem now finds himself the loneliest man on campus. If he can't master the ills that are plaguing him now, he'll never become the man he wants to be. And if the girls and the morally bankrupt friends aren't the death of him, his own over–analytical mind will be.

But Lem is determined to get a handle on the one person he can control — himself. Even if it means doing a hard reset.